Do you know Dress code?

You’ve been invited to an interesting event, but the invitation says it’s important to dress code. Do you know what this term means and how to dress in this case?

Dress code is actually a code that determines what kind of clothing is suitable for different kinds of social events. They form an integral part of etiquette, social rules and customs.

Look at the basic species

CASUAL is a style of clothing suitable for corporate parties or festive parties. This is a sloppy elegance that does not require a completely formal character. Women can wear a costume, dress in interesting cut, skirt or formal trousers with top or blouse. Men are allowed to wear walking pants complete with a polo shirt. An elegant accessory is an elegant sweater or bag.

BLACK TIE is a very formal style of clothing and is required for festive occasions, as is WHITE TIE, which is suitable for opera visits or for state occasions.

In the case of BLACK TIE, men wear a tuxedo complete with a black silk bow tie and a vest or tuxedo belt. For women there is a long evening toilet, which does not have to be only black. In the case of WHITE TIE, women wear a long fancy robe and a men’s suit is designed with a black tailcoat, white shirt, vest and bow tie of the same color.

FORMAL has similar rules as BLACK TIE, but here also depends on the time of day. In the case of a daily event, formal clothing is appropriate, in the case of an evening event, the clothing is more formal. For men, a dark suit complete with a white shirt and a monochrome tie is suitable; women can wear small black cocktails or an elegant evening gown.