For good wine, go to France

France was and is considered a place that offers great wines. French wines mean not only tradition but also quality and excellent taste.

Traditional wine region

France has its famous wine region. If you are a lover of this delicious drink, it is worth visiting. And which are they?


This area is the most northerly and you can taste the best sparkling wines. The vineyards are spread over limestone soils, thanks to which they have enough moisture. The name of the area dates back to ancient Rome and the center is the city of Epernay.


Unmistakable vine varieties are grown in this area. The wines produced from them are distinctive and unique due to the quality of the soil and long-term wine tradition. The areas between Dijon and Chagny are among the most famous growing places. Monastic orders, including the Benedictines and the Cistercians, were also of great importance.


Bordeaux has gained great prestige among winemakers. It is the most famous wine region and offers more than 60 wine cellars. You can taste wines of a wide range of flavors and aromas. The wine-growing tradition appeared here in the 1st century and since then it has been developing and flourishing.