How to dress for a party?

Going to a party? Whether business or private, you always want to look your best. But sometimes you don’t know what to wear. To be “cool”? Or to be moderate in dressing for a party? And what to do to avoid overdoing it? Check out some hints and tips that can help you in this respect.

Party with friends

If you go to an informal party with a bunch of friends, you can unleash your imagination. But not much. You can dress stylishly, if you are not completely against your fur heel shoes, come here with them. If you are a trouser type, then choose classic black and narrow, which can be combined with virtually any blouse. Add the necessary necklace, earrings and handbag to your hand.

Working party

If it is a working event, then it is good to think of some dress code. You want to look professional, if possible, so you won’t get tired of a little black dress or a black overall. Complete with a colored bag, blazer or anything else. The right shoes, handbag, jewelry and you can go.