How to Care for Leather Shoes

Wearing leather shoes outdoors in different weather conditions, of course, suffers. They are affected by damp, wet, mud, dust and other impurities. However, even social shoes in which we go to work, to dance, or to use them for other occasions, mostly inside the buildings, need proper care.

How to do it?

If we clean the leather shoes, we will start with the removal of dust and debris first. To do this, a proper shoebrush is enough and it should be done before every polishing, so that the shoes are absolutely clean, including soles. Remove the shoelaces and clean the shoes of dust and dirt so that they do not interfere with the polishing.

If mud and larger dirt are on the shoes, a wet cloth should be used to clean the dirty areas. Water alone does not mind leather shoes, but the shoes must then dry thoroughly, preferably on tensioners at normal room temperature, not sharply near the heater.

If water does not cope with dirt and stains, it is necessary to use a chemical cleaner, but first test it in some hidden place to see how it reacts with your shoes.

The edges of the shoes, which are often kicked, treated with a special product and covered with a dark cream to cover the imperfections.

Polishing leather shoes

It’s a little science and a little art, and everyone has a guaranteed way. But the foundations should always be the same. Either using cream or wax. The cream provides a gentle velvety shine, with wax you will achieve a shine like a mirror. Leather is a natural material that needs nutrients. The upper skin of shoes is basically the same as human skin. The only difference is that she is already dead and cannot support herself. Therefore, nutrients must be supplied artificially so that it does not dry out and crack. Various preparations such as skin conditioners are used for this purpose. For the perfect condition of the leather shoe and its long life, it should be applied to the shoe at least once or twice a month, always before polishing. Their purpose is also to remove older layers of wax and cream so that they do not accumulate on the shoe.

Suede shoes

Suede is cut leather, which unfortunately catches more dust and dirt than on smooth skin. Therefore, it requires impregnation at least once a week. For small dirt apply a rubber brush, which we apply and impregnation. Special foam preparations are suitable for larger impurities, but they must be thoroughly brushed after drying. A damp cloth with a thicker surface is also suitable. For faded shoes we use a leather pigment restorer with a color pigment.